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Hah, trap doors

Always a fan of your work, thought the art was a little too much on Mastermind, like now he looks like he can rip a tank apart with his biceps. Other wise, I liked everything else about this. Simple yet funny joke punch line etc.

Oh my ghandi

I cant believe it, seriously, just wow, sucks ass watching this in a library, but glory to you man, way to just stomp on trucks and roar like a troll monster that is you. 5/5.

The only thing I ever spoke out loud was at the final dick, "COME THE FUCK ON REALLY!?" And then remembered that there are people around me. 15 mins, damn. Glory I say, glory to you.

pretty well done

I saw nothing wrong except for the sound quality, (it just had the fuzz noise kinda in the background whenever someone talked.) other than that, I pretty much enjoyed this flash.

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Phobotech responds:

Pretty cool! Currently working on getting a new microphone, so that should be fixed! Other than that, Thanks very much for the review!

LOL Only the greatness of the creator of Blockhead

Would put oval with Pentagons. In all seriousness, I laughed my ass off, this was amazing.

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I congrat you great sir!

You have gained my approval of over all best shapes on gray line animation. The story was amazing, the voices were excellent and truly portrays the objects emotions as they bounced up and down. You sir, have won me over.

Always funny

Face paced and never slows down, found it amazingly funny. Love your work 5/5

Good Job

Good work on the pretty much everything in this flash. The artwork is very nice and very colorful, and the choice of music is an automatic win in my book, since Muse is my favorite band. Still room for improvement but the style was great.

Overall Good job putting this all together 5/5


Loved the idea of the whole story looping over back to square one for the new robot.

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regardless of the terrible flash skills, the audio is what brought this to life. Made me laugh, and cry for Blackie. Not really crying but yeah, was funny.

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Not bad

Yeah not bad, still needs work of course but your spriting skills are pretty good. With just some sound, you might have yourself a decent flash there.




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