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Doesn't Fully deserve a zero, but....

Everything was great until it glitched up. Voices fit, that huge as dragon and little dragon looked bad ass, Gonzossm had great art as well as the music was alright. But you cant expect that to make a great game.

Look at FF14 for example, the music was great, the graphics were amazing, but that doesn't make up for the glitches and bugs found within it. Without a doubt this should have been worked on in the programming side. Just sucks for everyone else who did their part. I'm not choosing sides, just stating my opinion on the facts that I see before me.

Now for Goat-men and before everyone else gets their panties in a bunch, READ REMIXSPRITE's COMMENT, he clearly worked on the project and stated that there was a point of no communication and then it was just released. Just trying to save for the sake of a flame war, but without a doubt, you cannot save stupid people, so this is probably going to be wasted. Hopefully not, but lets just go with it.

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Its somewhat fun, but theres a bug

The replay is broken, after attempting to replay the game, it decides to skip several levels of the game without giving me a chance to play through it or even fail at it. Other wise game is solid except for the music, repetitive okay sounding music choice eventually gets annoying, especially as I write this review. Just make sure to have a mute button on there. Also make sure to give a instructions manual or something of that sort so the player does not have to guess on what to do in order to accomplish each task, but thats up to you on that, didnt take me long to figure it out.

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airideas responds:

Yeah, it was still under judgement at the time and i was fiddling with a fix... Fixed up now :)

Eh not that great

4/10 is being a little generous since there are other games similar to this style of game play. But low score for clunky controls and farmer not really looking for you, just aimlessly shooting and walking around. Eh, a lot of work would be necessary to improve this but otherwise I'd just try and do something else to make this seem more "original". 1/5

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olltwit responds:

Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated.

Grey Olltwit

This game is okay

The game would be better without the advertisement on the bottom right, and the bug with the jumping into zombie bodies and getting stuck. Other than that, the game is okay, nice idea using the zombie bodies to build up, but the advert and that jump getting stuck bug needs to be fixed/rid of.

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I love the fact I could slap the shit out of Palin and still have democrats win. Total smackdown!

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Nice game, slow start, but that kinda builds up on first time players, should add an advanced mode or speed mode for those who have played this a couple of times. Other than that, game is very good.

Pretty good.

Just add some audio and this would be pretty fun. Kept me entertained for a good bit.

Its pretty good

Kinda reminded me of Staggy, but with undead and less mobility. Other than that, its an okay game, zombie drops and the whole shield aspect i thought was pretty cool.




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