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BLARGHAAHAHAH, I decided that vidya games are more important than voice acting and flash animation. So that stopped, but pretty much in the FF14 beta, so playing that and def playing Starcraft 2 beta, leave a comment if you want to challenge me anytime, I don't care if I get rolled cause I'll eventually make you rage quit :D

Projects on the other hand, currently working on a story that im having my good friend write for me since I'm retarded and decided to take summer school in college, worst idea, never do it.

Woot first audio post

2008-09-29 21:48:18 by FrostFenix

So yeah, even though I sound like a retard in the audio, im quite proud of myself of how clear it actually sounded, regardless of the bird in the back ground. I'm still trying to get a job so I can start saving up for bills and start putting some money aside for computer upgrades or a server box. If anything, I might just try and see what I can do on the net to make money, like suck someones epeen, not really but im doubting that option. Anyways, just pm me if you want me in a project and I could probably get you on a vent or pull me in a vent to better communicate because im a ventrilo whore. Plus i find it easier to talk and voice act on vent rather than talk by myself on my damn mic and audio recorder. All well, thats what practice is for. Well enough of this, peace.

So I got my new account up

2008-08-31 15:54:07 by FrostFenix

So yeah, basically I made my new account since I didnt care for the old Vethain-Frost or whatever the old account name was, anymore. Wanted a newly updated account so that if I do anything on newgrounds, it will be on this account with the username I currently go under. So yup, thats about it on whats going on right now.